WisePass membership

How it works for members.


Download the app

WisePass app is available on the AppStore and GooglePlay.


Tap on scan button


Scan the QR code on the pyramid


Select what you consume


Tap on the screen to confirm

WisePass Membership

How do I cancel my Membership


Tap on the button on the top left


Tap on Plans and Billings


Tap on the button cancel on the bottom of the screen

Free Trial Policy

When does WisePass make a refund?

WisePass will refund money for any trial that our system has charged before the end of the free trial period.

WisePass will refund money if your card has been used by a third party. We will require you then to have a police report that your card has been stolen and ensure that the email and phone number doesn’t belong to you.

For any free trial, WisePass sends information and ensures that its end users are informed about the day they will get charged through email.

The date of the payment is stipulated right in the app for every single member by clicking on the top left button.

The user can cancel anytime by clicking on Plans & Billings and press cancel.

When WisePass doesn't make a refund

WisePass doesn’t refund the money after the trial period ends. However, the account manager can propose 2 solutions:

  • WisePass can change the start date if requested
  • WisePass can add another free week


What you need to know about the membership.

When should I purchase a subscription ?

Anytime ! Your membership will be valid for the next 30 days following the purchase date.

Can I store my bottle at the venue if I do not finish it ?

No, You can't store it at the venue.

Can I bring my bottle home ?

No, You may not bring it outside of the venue.

Can I take a bottle at 11.59pm and order a second one at 12.01pm ?

No, daily offer is from 6am to 6am.

Are soft drinks and other mixers included ?

No, those are not covered in the membership.

Will I get a table with my bottle ?

Each venues has different policies concerning tables, depending on availability.

Can I lend the membership to my friends ?

No, the membership is personal and cannot be shared. Lending your membership may get you expelled. Instead, refer a friend to join!