We drive traffic to your venue
You can list your bar, restaurant, club or hotel and we will drive our members to your venue with our app
Our platform leverages AI to personalize recommendations
What we do is to show our members on our app the best places they should go to based on a set of more than 10 parameters. Each time our members visit your venue, WisePass pay the products and services selected by our members on the app
Drive Traffic
Increase Visibility
Generate Sales
Go Mobile


Our members use WisePass for business purposes such as lunch dinner, coffee and entertainment

Mobile Savvy

Our members rely heavily on their phone to work and make decisions daily. We're part of their journey

Active Business Professionals

70% of our members are men aged between 25 and 45 spending their time on relationship building

WisePass is now active in 3 countries


WisePass started in Ho Chi Minh City on August 2016 and the launch in Hanoi happened in May 2017


WisePass started to operate in Bangkok in January 2018 and has plans to open in other cities shortly


WisePass started in April 2018 in Manila and has plans to open in other cities shortly
and will expand to another 3 countries in 2019


Wisepass is planning within the second quarter of 2019 the expansion to Singapore with 10 venues


WisePass is planning to expand to Kuala Lampur within middle of 2019 with 10 venues


WisePass is planning to expand to Indonesia early next year 2019 with 10 venues