WisePass Membership Venue - The Gin House

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The Gin House

Located in a small alley of the busy Saigon, the Gin House is a little cozy bar well hidden but worth the find.

Address: 28/3A4 Ton That Tung, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

This venue has an open bar on the ground floor where you can experience the art performance of mixology and cocktail by the expert bartenders. On the other hand, an entresol upstairs is perfect for who are seeking for privacy and relaxation.

At The Gin House, you will be amazed by their gin infusion and signature cocktails that you can’t stand sipping a drink. Naturally grown herbs promise to add aroma into artful drinks that are classified by the types of flavors.

Despite being a specialist in gin and cocktail, the venue also serves snacks and finger food well paired with the drink. At WisePass, we are sure that your night will never end here.


Since WisePass has listed The Gin House, we believe this is the perfect place to go because it’s:

And with WisePass, as member you can enjoy 1 free bottle of red wine or white wine over there.

To enjoy the membership offer at The Gin House, and have access to exclusive events, join us!

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